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Farm Animal Antics Personal Checks
Our Funny Checks Bring the Laughs with Farm Fresh Jokes! - Join in a little barnyard banter and get ready to laugh when you use these animal joke checks from Bradford Exchange Checks(R). These humorous checks feature four unique designs of farm animals, each accompanied by a silly joke: why did the farmer ride his horse to town? It was too heavy to carry! , so, a sheep, a pig and a cow walk into a barn , Why did the farmer call his pig ink? Beause it always ran out of the pen! and What do you get when you cross a cow and a duck? Milk and Quakers ! Plus, you'll find these animal joke personal checks are just as practical as they are fun. Brought to you exclusively by Bradford Exchange Checks, they're expertly re-created with premium-quality check printing. Don't let this opportunity pass you by - get your Farm Animal Antics art checks as soon as possible! Order now! Pricing shown is for 2 boxes of Singles.

Collies Come home Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Collies Come Home Personal Checks feature 4 rotating images of collie dogs. These energetic and intelligent dogs developed around the English and Scottish borders to herd sheep, cattle, and other livestock. Many breeds have developed from the Collie type such as the Australian Cattle Dog, the Bearded Collie, the Cumberland Sheepdog and more.

Border Collie at Work Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Border Collie at Work Personal Checks feature awesome images of collies herding sheep. It is great to see these amazingly intelligent dogs working their craft. Collies are hardworking animals whose tails are about as long as their bodies.

German Shepherd Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Show your love for your dog with German Shepherd Personal Checks. These checks feature photographs of some beautiful German Shepherds both at rest and in action. The German Shepherd was a herding dog developed in Germany for herding sheep. Due to their intelligence and great abilities in obedience training, German Shepherds are often employed in police and military work.

Farm Animal Antics Return Address Label
Funny Address Labels Add Whimsy of Silly Farm Animals to Every Labeling Project - Add comical character up your mailing envelopes and personalization needs with these exclusive animal mail labels from Bradford Exchange Checks(R) that you wont find anywhere else! Four different mail label designs pair your personal information with barnyard pals: a pig, a donkey, a cow and a sheep along with fun spotted cow-themed borders. Plus, you'll find these animal pattern address labels are amazingly practical too, because each set is conveniently self-sticking. They're perfect for hundreds of jobs, so don't wait! Add some laughs to your next project with whimsical fun whenever you use these Farm Animal Antics address label designs. Order now!