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Best Breeds - Newfoundland Return Address Label
Newfoundland Image Address Labels Make Every Labeling Project a Special Joy! - Faithful and loving, Newfoundlands bring us endless amounts of joy. Now, share the adorable appeal of these animals with every labeling project with our dog address labels from Bradford Exchange Checks(R). Each neutral-colored label design pairs your personal information with a delightful image of this beloved dog, along with the name of the breed, by artist Howard Robinson.Plus, you'll find these dog art mail labels are amazingly practical too, arriving in a set of conveniently self-sticking labels. They're perfect for hundreds of jobs, so don't wait! Spread some puppy love with these Best Breeds - Newfoundland mail label designs. Order now!

Best Breeds - Newfoundland Personal Checks
Let Everyone Know Who is the Best in Show with These Newfoundland Checks! - Do you want to celebrate your loving pet everywhere you go? Well of course you do, they are your best friend! Now, honor your faithful companion each and every day when you use these dog checks from Bradford Exchange Checks(R)

Newfoundland Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
A giant dog breed with webbed feet and water resistant coat are seen on Newfoundland Personal Checks. These dogs are often used for water rescue and saving lives because of their strength and swimming abilities. As always, these personal checks are available at our everyday low prices. Don't forget to purchase your matching address labels!

Black Lab Puppies Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Cuddle up with our Black Lab Puppies Personal Checks and you will get an eyeful of these cute and fun loving pups. Descended from the St John's Water Dog which is now extinct, the Lab originated in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. These large dogs are friendly, playful and great with children - which makes them a good pet for families. Labs come in 3 colors: Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. It is interesting to note that a chocolate or black Lab will have a nose of the same color as their coat.

O So Chocolate Labs Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Here are some up close and personal chocolate Labrador retrievers in our O So Chocolate Labs Personal Checks. Labs are great fun and love to swim, play catch, and are great with children. They originally worked alongside fishermen in Newfoundland helping to pull in fishnets and their feet actually have webbed paws. Labs are some of the most popular dogs in America and are highly intelligent and trainable.