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Miniature Pinscher Return Address Label
Miniature Pinscher Dog Address Labels - High-stepping Style for Labeling Projects! - Give your mailing envelopes, holiday cards, file folders and more a custom look with these Miniature Pinscher dog address labels! Acclaimed artist Linda Picken's delightful portraits of the beloved Min Pin make these Miniature Pinscher mailing address labels a joy to use, at the office, at home, just about anywhere. They perfectly capture the high-stepping spirit of these little dogs, and are sure to steal hearts with their bright-eyed expressions and sleek black-and-tan coats. And, as you'll soon discover, since these Miniature Pinscher personalized address labels are conveniently self sticking, they really do have hundreds of practical uses! Don't wait to buy personalized address labels online - order now!