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Majestic Mastiff Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Majestic Mastiff Personal Checks feature four rotating images of beautiful mastiffs. Originally brought to England by the Phoenician Traders, the mastiff was also used as a dog of war by the Roman legions. They were also used to hunt bears and wolves. These massive but gentle giants fell out of popularity in England but remained popular in the USA as guard and companion dogs.

Gigantic Great Danes Personal Checks
$18.99 from Carousel Checks
Gigantic Great Danes Personal Checks feature this German Mastiff breed in 4 different settings. Known as the 'Apollo of all Breeds' due to their great size, the Great Dane is one of the world's tallest dogs. The record holder is 43 inches tall. The most famous of all Great Danes is the fictional character of Scooby Doo. Another popular fictional Great Dane is Marmaduke from the comic strip by Brad Anderson.