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Orange Vinyl Cover
$1.99 from Carousel Checks
These orange vinyl checkbook covers are meant for top tear checks. Suited for all occasion and for regular use, Vinyl orange check book covers are cheap and a trendy item for properly managing your single as well as your duplicate checks. You can buy them at low rate and you can order them at any time. The material used for the covers are durable and as such, it provides a strong protection. Vinyl is long lasting as well. The cover has a duplicate spare flap within. You can easily slip in your single checks as well as your duplicates checks. You can carry them at any time and at any place with you. It is usable, important item of protection for the customized checks that you already bought or intend to buy.

Green Marble Checks
$9.99 from Carousel Checks
Leading companies and smaller entrepreneurs require customized check that would note different payment and transaction amount to the dealers or to the payee, with proper records of the time amount and the person to whom the order of the bank from the company is referred. The business concerns prefer personalized check for the above services and they order light green marble molded exquisite background that shows up all the above details. The Green Marble personal checks are cheap easy to use cost effective arrangements for business. It is conveniently ordered and directly available with proper payments. It also has minor technicalities that are essential for a check to function.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Address Labels by Amy S. Petrik
$6.99 from Carousel Checks
Happy snow man, stars and joyful reflection of life and contentment - the Amy S. Petrik's creation were always class apart and always have been. It is from her Wet Ink wisdom. It is a new creation. You can use the let it snow, let it snow, let it snow address labels. It is cheap. It will save you time because it is self adhesive. You can spare yourself from the tedious routine work of incorporating addresses on regular mails and envelopes. You can order the customized checks as well.

Happy Holidays: Tree Address Labels by Amy S. Petrik
$6.99 from Carousel Checks
Amy S. Petrick's design and style are joyful. She uses water colors, pencil and black ink in each of her still paints. You can buy the happy holiday's tree address labels. It is cheap. It also saves time. You can use them on the mails, envelope, videos and tapes. It can act as an interesting and entertaining identity. You can order and buy the happy holiday's tree personal checks as well. Both the items are cost effective for use in different office related jobs and routine official documents. The image is vibrant and colorful and reflective of festivals and cheerfulness. You can spread joy and make mundane works interesting when you use them.

Reindeer Family Address Labels by Amy S. Petrik
$6.99 from Carousel Checks
You can buy reindeer family address labels by Amy S. Petrik. It is cheap. It is cost effective and interesting as well. It will save you valuable time and effort. You do not have to manually incorporate the address into the mail and envelopes. It can act as an identity on the books, videos and tapes. You can buy personal checks to match with them. These customized checks are accepted in different association and institution. The image is a happy Christmas image that celebrates the festival of togetherness people and life. It has five animated happy reindeers. The color is also very vibrant and festive.

Santa's on the Way Address Labels by Lorrie Weber
$5.99 from Carousel Checks
When Christmas is around, you cannot do without Santa. Put the image of flying Santa on his mission to give the goodies and gifts around the world. Use the address labels of 'Santa's on the way' to save your time. Spare yourself from the tedious job of manually incorporating the identification in the books, videos and mails. You can buy the personal checks with the same image as well. Both of them are cheap and cost effective. It is an interesting and cheerful way of expressing yourself as well. The image is by Lorrie Weber. She is famous for soft country side festivities and celebration of life in still paints.